Plumbing is a constantly growing business, and with new methods of clearing pipes, a lot of people wonder. “Does hydro jetting work?” Well because it is a newer method and is used only in certain cases, it is natural for there to be questions. So before we ask does hydro jetting work, we must understand what hydro jetting is.

Does Hydro Jetting Work?

Hydro jetting is a method to clean clogged or slow sewage lines. It is done by sending water at high pressures into the pipe. This works by literally flushing out any build up and residue. Now this does work to clean out pipes, and is used by many professional plumbing contractors. However, not all pipes can withstand the high pressure. That is why hydro jetting is only used depending on the situation.

Typically, a plumber will do a video inspection of the pipe to first locate and identify the problem. Imagine you are experiencing a slower than normal sewage drain in your home. The question and answer are no different for residential work. Does hydro jetting work for residential homes? Yes, but depending on the situation. Sometimes a problem like tree roots may require a snake to tear up the thick and heavy roots, but hydro jetting can fix this problem. In fact, hydro jetting can take care of most buildup; including hair, silt, sand, grease,and other debris. If you want an environmentally friendly method of cleaning out your pipes without using harsh chemicals, hydro jetting is the method for you.

So to conclude, hydro jetting can be extremely beneficial to both commercial plumbing and homeowners alike, because it provides a reliable and safe way to cut through and eliminate the waste and smell that buildup inside the walls of your piping. So to review the question that we first had “Does hydro jetting work?” Yes.