As the new year approaches, there is no better time to get some home maintenance out of the way then by setting your resolution to staying on top of household duties such as sewer drain cleaning! Now keeping up with your home maintenance isn’t what comes to mind when setting a New Year’s resolution, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important or worthwhile in the long run!

By caring about your home’s condition, you can avoid expensive repairs and instead devote a bit of money and time here and there for upkeep. All the while, your home remains looking great and when it comes time to resale, you can be confident you will get a better price for it.

So enough about why it matters to stay on top of your home’s sewer drain cleaning, let’s talk about how to avoid and repair clogged sewer drains. Your main sewer line is typically located underground and the process of avoiding and clearing any buildup is similar to how you’d clear a clog in a sink drain. Just be wary about what you let go down the drain and toilet as well as making sure you don’t forget to schedule an annual plumbing inspection.

If you want to get some practice doing the task yourself, just locate the cap on the drain pipe, let some of the buildup flow out, and begin using an auger to clear out the blockage. One of the problems unique to main sewer lines are tree roots, which can wriggle their way in and cause a rupture somewhere in the yard. This is a bigger issue and will require an expert’s help, so don’t hesitate to call!

So, get to work and you can check off sewer drain cleaning off your home maintenance tasks this New Years!