Keeping your home’s sewer system working smoothly is important, so take a few moments to learn a few quick tips for drain and sewer cleaning. Before going into the process of cleaning out your home’s drain and sewer lines, why should you care about a clog? Clogs increase the water pressure within pipes and as time goes on, can cause pipes to become brittle until they burst. Bursting a sewer line pipe is no fun at all and can become quite expensive.

To avoid that, let’s learn a bit about how to reverse a clog. The first thing you will want to know is how to identify when your home is starting to suffer from a clog. There are a few red flags, but the most obvious one is when your sink, toilet, or bathtub will drain at a slower rate than normal. Another common sign that your pipes need to be cleaned is low water pressure when using any water fixtures. These are all pretty clear indications that there is a buildup along the inner lining of the pipe, which will need to be cleaned out using an auger snake.

If you don’t have a snake at home to perform the cleaning yourself, consider hiring a licensed plumber to do the job or try a DIY method. Attempting the drain and sewer cleaning yourself is a good way to save money, but comes with a higher risk. If you make a mistake, you will be responsible for any damages, so don’t attempt the repair unless you’ve got some experience under your belt. Regardless of the method of cleaning you decide to go with, what is important is you take care of the drain and sewer cleaning as soon as you notice a sign of a clog to avoid more expensive problems down the road.