Your house is like a living organism, and you have to watch all the systems if you want to live comfortably. If you need the main sewer drain cleaning, you may not know if until you have a serious problem unless you know the warning signs to watch for.

Imagine your home’s plumbing to be a bit like a tree, with the trunk connecting through a main line into the city sewage system. If you need your main sewer drain cleaning done, you will be able to tell from the way the drains throughout the house act.  For example, a lot of drains get clogged.  If you have just a clog in your kitchen sink, it won’t drain.  Use the plumber’s helper and presto! you can have a clear drain in no time.

If one side of your kitchen sink is clogged, as you use that plunger, the debris might come up in the other sink. Just like a clogged bathroom sink can cause back up in the shower.  Think of that tree again. This scenario means that a branch of your plumbing tree is clogged.

If, however, it doesn’t matter what is draining, something else bubbles up, that means your main sewer drain needs cleaning because the big trunk is blocked and nothing can get past.

Before you get to that stage, you will usually hear burbling sounds coming from your toilet or you’ll notice some secondary drain backup starting.

The typical cause of this sort of blockage is tree roots. Trees love water and fertilizer, and sewer drains carry plenty of both. Over time, tree roots will seek out any tiny crack in your sewer main and start a hair-thin tendril growing, and eventually they will completely block your drain.

Watch our hydrojet video to see how we deal with blockages, then give us a call to fix your sewer main problems.