The occasional clogged sink drain is a problem that every homeowner encounters, so be prepared by keeping a few of these methods of unclogging sink drains in mind. There are a handful of methods to tackle these annoying clogs, in order of efficiency: paying for a plumber, using proper equipment and doing the unclogging yourself, or one of the various home remedies.

While calling a plumber is the most surefire and stress-free way to remove the clog, the cost reflects that. However, if you have a busy schedule, a quick call to contact your local plumber is often the best route to take. If you consider yourself a handyman and have some tools such as a drain snake or a long wire brush, you can roll up your sleeves and remove the clog yourself for no cost! This way you save money at the expense of some of your time.

Lastly, you can save a lot of money by trying one of these home remedies, but it is worth keeping in mind that they there are varying degrees of effectiveness as well as leaving you liable for any additional problems that arise. A good example of this is using the store-bought drain cleaners. They tend to provide results, at the cost of using harsh chemicals that break down the inner lining of your home’s pipes. These can cause more problems down the line if you aren’t careful, and if something goes wrong, you will be the one looking at the additional repair costs. Some of the other home remedies for unclogging sink drains are baking soda and vinegar, dish detergent, salt and baking soda, boiling water, a plunger, or a bent wire hanger. Perform these remedies at your own risk! They are not anywhere as safe, reliable, and effective as calling a plumber for unclogging sink drains with a drain snake.