Back to school and plumbing may not seem to go together in your mind, but you will be happy for some good bathroom plumbing tips as the return of a schedule reminds you that fall is on the way, and the myriad demands on your household plumbing aren’t going away just because school begins.  Kids coming home after school with all their friends, lots of dishes tossed in the sink with leftovers spilling off, mud and dye getting washed down the drain after football games.  Time to make sure the plumbing is ready for the onslaught.

Bathroom plumbing tips are important in particular because kids are often unaware of what they are doing to the plumbing as they go through their back-to-school routine.  Chopping off the hair is great, but rinsing most of it down the drain isn’t.  Remind your family that hair belongs in the trash or scattered for birds building nests—not flushed down a drain.

Additionally, just because something can flush down a toilet doesn’t mean it should. A favorite service call a few years back involved someone thinking a polystyrene to-go container could flush. It couldn’t.  If you don’t have a trash nearby, don’t just assume a toilet is as good as a trash can. 

And if your Homecoming week involves mud football or mud volleyball, rinsing all of it down a shower drain is a bad idea.  All that hair you washed down last week has created a blockage that the mud won’t pass.

All in all, work on treating your drains with care.  As the old saying goes, everyone lives downstream.  Whatever you wash down eventually enters a water system, and the pathway is pipes that can’t clean themselves.  Take the time to take care of your pipes and your back to school pains won’t involve plumbing!